Javascript payloads

Hey guys

So I’ve been searching for a while now and just havent been able to find much of substance… Does anyone have any good sources i can use, or know of a program that creates malicious javascripts? Or anyone good javascripters willing to give me a lesson or 2?

Thanks in advance :ghost:

You can find javascript tutorials at

They have simple and straight forward examples and explanation for all sorts of javescript

Or if you need or like more in debt explanation of javascript you can visit this site

if you need a resource for exploits and msfconsole RAW data and such you can use this one

There is even a program called searchsploit which ya can use from a terminal.

Hope this helps

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Hey i know searchsloit an exploitdb as they are modules in one of my programs. The tuts at w3schools arent bad but im looking for instead of just development in javascript, I’m just to code custom exploits and downloaders in javascript for code-injection payloads run once a malicious server is visited. (if you get what im trying to say :woozy_face:) More specifically to be used with IronSquirrel

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