Kali Linux Shutdown problem

Hi guys , i’m having a trouble sice i reinstalled kali linux dual boot when i shutdown it stucks saying " a stop job is running " in every shutdown it tooks like 1 hour . any solutions ?

@Al0ne have you tried updating the machine try: apt-get update -y && apt-get upgrade -y && reboot if you are still getting errors try to take a picture for everyone to see properly.

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I have a same problem with you. Im using Kali Linux dual boot with Windows 10. To turn off kali linux im using ALT + PRT SC + B hotkeys… it will Reboot the kali linux, after that the grub will display, and I’m choosing the Windows system, and I’m shutdown the machine completely in windows.

Yeah I know its annoying but its working for me:3

Sorry for my bad english:3
Here’s the link for Magic SysRq Key :


you saved my ass from losing an hour everytime thank you