Learning coding

Can and one please help me on a book, I can use to learn coding. I’m new into hacking and I’m told I should first go and learn coding. A pdf book will help a lot. Please I need the best

Coding in which language?

PHP, JavaScript, Python, sql…

Go with Python first. Hackersploit has course for Python HERE <== Get it while it is on sale.


yes i also recomend python and shell scripting these two language r easy to learn and available on youtube hackersploit channel from beegining to advance these will defenately help u

In my opinion visit www.javatpoint.com you will get many thing here.

Shell scripting in Linux is actually pretty simple.
If you want easy to start on I would try that if you use Linux.
I don’t know how to write BASH scripts off the top of my head but once I understood how it worked it became simple to look up code samples and such to piece together scripts

Other than that I was told one needs to learn programing and how it works more than a specific langauge
Sort of makes sense but you may need to think about what it might mean like I did because I was like WTF YOU TALKING ABOUT? when I first heard it.
C# isn’t that bad to learn I have heard but I am not really one to give advice on this too much since I really don’t know a lot.

C# is object oriented and there are a lot of complex concepts to be learned.Same with Java.Not sure if OOP languages are the best for beginners but it’s worth a try,since these can land you good jobs.

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You’re correct and I wasn’t really thinking about that part.
I think it was scripting for something in C# I had read about once that was supposed to be not so complicated.
Who knows I read so much that I don’t remember where less than half of it came from.