Locating Phone when Power OFF

Hello guys, is it possible to locate a phone when it is power off? Is it possible to create malware or virus that works even if the device is switched off maybe using device battery secretly? Maybe the virus is getting root privileges and then faking power off and letting the Malware or Virus run.
If you people know anything related to this topic please share.

MESSAGE TO ADMIN: Don’t remove such topics. You guys had already removed a lot of Cool topics. These topics make fourm and Pentesting more interesting.

Thank you

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Locating phone when its OFF… Nah its not possible

It is possible make a malware to switch the phone on automatically but you will need root access

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I think it’s possible by hollowing the processes that can run if the fone is off
Like the alarms
Let’s do a research on process hollowing

Yes, The alarms!!!
They are active even when the phone is switched off.

I think it doesn’t work in todays most of the devices.

It is possible to have processes run while phone is off. Such as trackers. Then once the phone is powered on it sends the data to an attacker remotely. As Google GPS was proven doing it. @Xiscorex What topic was removed that you believe to be “cool” ? I am sure if an admin removed it was for a good reason. Correct me if I am wrong.

There are a lot of the topics that you people removed because of that I posted them on Intel exchange.

Topics about how to card and stolen intel exchange is not welcome here. Most anyone that would talk about that on a clear net site speaks volumes about that individual. We like to keep it clean here.

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When people keep asking about how to spy on people and how to hack phone networks and ddos this and that I don’t blame them for taking them down.

Unless you want this place to disappear because it got shutdown for promoting such things think about what you’re posting (or the words you use)before you do it.


Very true. Totally agree.