Looking for the best Anonymity?

I just stumbled upon some blog post some weeks ago and I saw a new browser built for privacy and anonymity just like TOR, the Name is SPHERE. Actually is almost a week I have been using it and seems the project is bearly a year or two old. You should check it out guys. My experience using it I saw this features.

  1. You can select a new identity while browsing
  2. You can chose your desired proxy settings, which includes tor and ssh, with both combined
  3. You can set your timezone
  4. Check your annoymity percentage
  5. It can fake your browser and also OS
    This is just an education post, I give disclaimer that I am not responsible for what you use the information here to do.

Sphere is based on chromium which is based on chrome, and chrome has the most vulns availability because is the 1st in use browser.
So this is a con for me.
It’s a good project though… I was using it for a while the last year and it had some good features.
Another good alternative was Brave which was very similar with Sphere but when it became familiar it did some wrong moves for your anonymity (so I would not recommend that).

Generally if you want to choose a “anonymity” browser, all the browsers with no exception have their vulns.
So I would recommend TOR for the only reason that is based on firefox and has less vulns than chrome. (I do not say that it hasn’t MANY vulns. Just it has LESS than Chrome.)

So you understand that browser is the very last thing you should check for anonymity :smile: