Metasploit Errors

Hi ! I am new here. I was working with metasploit but i got this error. Can someone help me.I used kali linux and i used NGROK for port fowrading.
meterpreter > geolocate
[-] android_geolocate: Operation failed: 1
meterpreter >

And if there any way that i can make persistence backdoor for android please help me. When i use NGROK for port forwarding i have to make new paylaod on every reboot.

Hello SATYA_DAHAL, here HackSh00t

I had a similar project some months ago where I made a persistent shell for windows with ngrok without having a persistent IP

Let me tell you first that metasploit isn't a good option for this if you have the same problem I had you have to program the shell yourself, it shouldn't be that difficult.

The method I used to connect the shell even If I had diferent IPs each time I reset the router was to make a get request to some logs I had in my domain and in thous logs the new IP and PORT data was stored. The hole thing was a bit more complex but I'm sure you could do a similar thing with yours

If you are interested DM me and we would see what it could be done

PS: The languages I used if you are interested where C# for the shell and simple php (no javascript) for the web page

2PS: The shell wasn't detected by the AV for 2 months, the security in the movile phones is quite week so it should be a party

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