Mobile Penetration Testing

A good guide for mobile penetration testing on android or videos, thanks in advance.

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Hi @glider there is not any full-proof guide to android or ios pen-testing (without spending a lot of money at least :money_mouth_face: ) a good way would be to get your hands on these books :

These are some really good books for both beginners and advanced pen testers.
you should also look forward to using FOR ANDROID and the new uncover jailbreak for IOS 12, if you have an android I would recommend that you stay on android 8.1 or 8 NOT 9 as various powerful frameworks such as the xposed framework has problems running on it. As for IOS there are several tools available but most focus on Reverse Engineering. Termux on Android is really good for a lot of stuff such as Metasploit framework or aircrack-ng with an external wifi adapter(Panda PAU09…FOR EXAMPLE)

Hope That Helps :wink: