My mind, phones and computers are hacked. Does anyone here know what to do?

How can I be hacked this way? Can someone please tell me if they have any info on my subject. Thank you

When all your devices got hacked, the hacker(s) got your info.
It seems that they have used pivoting to hack the other devices via 1 device. I don’t know how you were hacked. Was it a network hack? Or maybe a reverse backdoor? In the first case, you need to set up your router securely and it is advisable to use a VPN. And use strong passwords. In the latter case, you can try to track down the reverse backdoor. Often it is hidden in the tmp directory under a common name such as internet explorer. You can check if there is someone on your network by typing arp -a in the terminal or in cmd. If you see a strange IP address there, someone is listening on your network. You could try to figure out the data about that IP, but the chances are that the attacker is hiding their identity. If all this does not work then I hope you have backups, because then it is wise to restore your systems again.

About your mind is hacked, maybe learn how to hack your life? :wink: