Hey every one,
A series of events that started in December has led me here. No I’m not paranoid because I’ve opened up activity monitor and am discovering what daemons are for the first time . Prior to December I was living in the Bay Area and decided to move back to LA and have been staying with my parents. At the time I had a cheap dell laptop with windows 10 and started noticing strange things happening. I discovered that someone had accessed my reg key and changed group policies to give them full admin control . I ended up Wiping and haven’t used it since. Since then I’ve been obsessed with security, hacking, IT and the rabbit hole of all this.
In trying to figure out who and how I got hacked I realized my parents are completely clueless so home network wasn’t safe they both are probably compromised and don’t know. What really has me fucked up are my shady next door neighbors one of whom is a Registered pedophile who got busted w child porn. I can’t prove any thing 100% but when I look at logs they sketch me out. Currently I believe someone is getting on my MacBook Pro through Bluetooth which means they would have to be close ? I’ve got a copy of the Bluetooth.plist that was updated today if any one is interested in taking a look. Thanks