Need Help ? | Is Akamai Subdomain Takeover Possible in 2020 ?

Hello friends!

Recently i was working on a open source project name Subdover (Subdomain Takeover) written in python 3 which have 55+ fingerprints till now (collected from subjack, subzy, aquatone, subover).

This tool is capable to confirm the vulnerable target using its CNAME dns record.

Tool is underdevelopment and when i was testing it against one Bugcrowd target,

It gave me lots of false positive, but one target seems to be interesting.

When i visit that target domain, it show me “404 not found” in response

and when I enumerated its CNAME, it is pointing to alias like this

This is the screenshot of the response in browser, if i request that particular CNAME value/url (


Problem I am facing

I am unable to create a 30 day trail account on akamai

I visited this url:

Which ask me to fill up a form, and when i filled a form, i got one email verification link in my disposable email (Was Using disposable email of provider)

But after email verification, I didn’t get the login credentials.

You can clearly see from these screenshot that even after 6 hours I haven’t received a login credentials email.

What I want to know ?

Is it possible to perform subdomain takeover (DNS Hijacking) for Akamai