Need help urgent!

I just visited some bad URLs and my pc is maybe infected. I am seeing ads everywhere mainly in origin(From where I usually play games) with phishing attacks. My defender is in bad condition what should I do? I don’t use antivirus because they delete my files, Docs, tools, and payloads that I have created. If you guys know anything just answer.
Thank you!

  1. You should delete recent files downloads from the same or a malicious origin.
  2. Activate your AV when not using hacking materials. When using hacking materials and you are sure that they are from trusted source then you should disable it.
  3. Try recovery mode in your pc
  4. Update your pc, av, defender to the latest version.

Man thanks for it but i am not noob. I m getting phishing pages inside origin(EA game launcher), google chrome(Browser),Cannot save things and not seeing recapache in Firefox browser from pop ads and my PC is crashing idk why.I have already have done all of the things you had stated and i don’t have recovery mode as i have disabled it due to some things. If you have any other method please share.
Thank you

@Xiscorex Reset you google chrome in its settings area. Check your windows startup for anything out of the ordinary and delete. Restart pc then tell me if your issue is solved.

There is an NTUSER.DAT FILE that I have not created and it’s not deleting as its open somewhere and I don’t know where it’s open. it is in my home folder. I tried all possible ways for deleting it but it’s not deleting.