NekRos - THE MOST Scariest Open-Source Ransomeware

Get Ready to Blow your Mind!!!

Hello I am back!!

Today I am officially going to Release my Stable, Fully Working (But Under Development) ransomeware.

This Ransomeware is developed by me the owner of website : Click Me , from scratch and is written in python 3

the only Prerequisite to run this is python and almost 2-3 modules which can be installed easily

Works on Windows

Extremely fast, Multi Threaded Ransomeware

Fully Customizable

Just follow 4-5 lines mentioned Usage (Section) in github repo.

Nekros means DEAD in greek and from that you can imagine that why i named it that.

This is the link of official GitHub repo : link


Very Very interesting…:heart_eyes:

Thanks buddy :blush: , A Lot of work is left, but then also it is fully working ransomeware

You should also add to it’s features list to kill task manager process​:ok_hand::star_struck:
I tried doing it with python without admin rights, with no luck though​:sweat_smile:.Anyway :joy:
Nekros maybe will be the first ransom I will test with my Security project