Network adapter for a beginner

Hi, I’m a student and I’m just entering the huge world of cybersecurity. At the moment I have a Lenovo Ideapad laptop, and it works decently. Looking at different penetration testing tutorials I see that many recommend to buy a network adapter, so you can have the possibility to use the network card in monitor mode or do packet injection. The laptop’s network adapter can get into monitor mode (unfortunately I have to reboot the computer to get it back into managed mode), but I haven’t tried if it supports packet injection yet. Would you advise me to buy a network adapter, obviously not a very powerful one (at least for now), although it can already do several things? Thanks in advance

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I hope you find this helpful, MoCA adapters and network extenders offer throughput speeds of up to 2.5Gbps and are perfect for removing dead spots in your network. They are an excellent way to improve a home or corporate network without installing new wiring since they work off of existing coaxial cables. They offer high security, too, and are relatively simple to install. Whether you want to stream your videos at the highest quality possible, up your online gameplay or improve your company’s efficiency, MoCA technology can help.

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I use an ALFA AWUS036NHA for wireless adapter and it works flawlessly and doesn’t cost a fortune. I’d highly recommend it for someone starting up where you may not want to throw a lot of cash into the equipment.

Example link (Amazon).

If you are looking for wireless adapter pentesting then ALFA dual band wireless adapter is must. Please note that your pc network interface doesn’t support monitoring and packet injection. I would prefer your to buy ALFA dual band wireless adapter. But beginner to set up on kali Linux, would be frustating but you can watch david bombal youtube video.

There are only two chipsets that serious cybersecurity specialists do recommend, the Atheros AR9271 and the Realtek RTL8812AU.
For more information related to these chipsets, you may find David Bombal’s YT videos useful. Or you know, google it.
If you want to do packet injection and monitor nearby networks you gotta have an adapter that has these capabilities.
There are more out there, other chipsets but I honestly believe these are the best money can buy,

Both chipsets can be found in the ALFA adapters which everyone agrees are the best. Which specific adapter, there are a few, depends on your budget, how easy are to conceal and of course, availability, not everyone lives in a country where ALFA products will be easy to find.

A more affordable option is the TP-Link WN722N version 1, it comes with the Atheros chipset and I think works out of the box, aka plug and play, but today’s market has only version 2 or 3 available which cant do monitor mode and packet injection without drivers and help. If you find a version 1 adapter you are a lucky man, if not Bombal’s videos help you to install the drivers, and voila, within minutes your TP-Link will work but bear in mind the chipset isn’t the Atheros or the Realtek 8812au, rather another version, can’t remember which one now.
It will work but in terms of performance and quality is considered inferior quality.

I talked about brands but more important than the brand is the chipset which, if you are lucky, you can find in unbranded generic adapters like the Wifi Nation and others. Mine is an unbranded one with the RTL8812AU chipset.
If you find a cheaper unbranded adapter that comes in cheap miserable packaging but the chipset is one of the two, then go get it.
Keep in mind that Atheros is single-band only, 2.4 while the RTL is dual, 2.4 and 5.8

I hope you find this information useful.

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