New To Hacking, Terminal Question

Hello people, I am pretty new to Ethical Hacking, and still learning basics.
I wish I was 18 years so I can have more time to perfect this skill, but I guess with 27 it’s still ok.
My specialties are marketing, brand development and non-profit organizations but somehow I don’t get excited about that anymore like I do with ethical hacking. I am now planning to create a new career as pentester and security analyst. Hackersploits lessons have helped me a lot on this path and I devoting 2-3h daily to learning basics and of course, advancing in the future. If someone didn’t got irritated by this let me know in the comments below what you think about this choice and my start at this age! Would appreciate :slight_smile:

As for my first question about I hope I won’t get a lynch for asking this, but how do you specifically set the color of results that I searched for in Terminal?

So it highlights the results that I searched for in color. I have already changed color scheme and tested out different colors but the results from the search are not highlighted in color.

I will attach the picture below.

Many thanks

You can change the highlighted text color by editing the color scheme in your terminal. Below is an example of the color scheme pallet in KDE.


Hey man. There is no age restrictions on hacking! I know people who have started learning hacking at their 40 years old :wink:.I think you are doing well.
Learn bash and python to start making automated scripts and go with the flow.
Good luck :wink: