Open multiple tunnels in ngrok using free version

Direct to the point what is ngrok ?
well ngrok is a tunnelling system which hide ip adress of the user and forward port of the user on wan without reavelling user ip generally it comes free or paid both .In paid version u can use various tunnels at the same time but in free version it shows this type of error message if u want to open two tunnels at the same time ./ngrok tcp 7070
Your account ‘sentinal’ is limited to 1 simultaneous ngrok client session.
Active ngrok client sessions in region ‘us’:

  • 1Srz9jkwpLYCOyHSnifYtWrGlW0 (

to get out from this error do the following steps

step 1 start ngrok with your first port u have entered at the time of registrstion on ngrok website
step 2 type the following command in terminal ./ngrok tcp whatever port you choose --region eu
this will open another port at the same time on the region of european union
same u can use various country regions to open muntiple ports at the same time on the free version
like ./ngrok tcp 443 --region jp for japan
./ngrok tcp 6666 --region in for india
./ngrok tcp 9050 --region eu for european union

these r the ways by which you can use ngrok tunnels at the same time without any errors on free version and u can host various metasploit payloads at the same time thanks …
correct me if anything wrong …

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