Password cracking

Suppose that we are cracking (say Gmail) password using any password cracking tool like medusa,hydra or whatever.
Does the victim get notifications that “someone is trying to access your Gmail”?
If yes, how can we avoid it?

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Yes they get a notification… it says when and where it was done… But ofcourse U can trick the location.

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Yes , the victim will get it for sure if there are more than 6 - 10 unsuccessful login attempts . And after that google just black lists your ipaddress and you won’t be able to login . To avoid such kinda issues you need to increase the threadings … it means while you brute force the password then the ipaddress changes for every 3-4 tries to fool the Google system . But still I guess you can’t login because I am pretty much sure that you might have encountered any captcha in you online life saying that to prove yourself that you are not a robot right , so this captcha can only be bypassed if the hacker is able to create any image processing AI. If this can be achieved then you can bruteforce the account.

But but but … Just take off this idea of bruteforceing the password from your mind because there is only 2% chance of a successful bruteforce attemp that too when you are able to create a master password list.


Others have answered your questions so i will answer next part of your question. No you cannot avoid this issue of google sending notification to your victim while trying to bruteforce his/her account unless you hack into google servers and change the settings there. Chances are there that the setting to wheather or not receive a notification wouldn’t be available as todays websites have this system of notification by default.

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