Password cracking!

I had some questions.
Which is Best website for password cracking?
Are there are any free websites for password cracking?
Rtx 2080 mobile( MSI GE 75 )is good for password cracking?
Hashcat is still best tool for password cracking?
THANK YOU! :muscle::sunglasses::metal:

Websites do exist but not recommended.
Free I highly doubt there are any.
Instead of looking for the most expensive gpu, look for the greatest amount of Cuda cores. I think 2 1080 Ti’s outperform an rtx 2080 and a Titan V outperforms them all.
Hashcat is the best.

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I don't about website but you can use tool like.

  • THC Hydra
  • John the ripper
  • Brupsuite
  • Aircrack-ng

And other kali linux tools

Is there is any strategy or procedure to properly crack passwords because brute Force and dictionary don’t work always.i want to crack wifi passwords.

Well… actually the hole idea behind cryptography is that a strong password won’t be uncover using brute force techniques. If it were different, it would defeat the purpose of crypto.

As said already, you can crank up the GPU cycles (physical, or buy Amazon or other cloud GPU cycles) but they get expensive quickly and offer no guarantee to crack a password.

First off… figure out the password policy. Start by putting the minima in an algorithm and then work your way up, increasing the length of the password.

@Xiscorex you can try tools like ghost phisher, airgeddon and aircrack-ng this may work in your case. If password cracking doesn’t work go for password sniffing and social engineering.

Ok… so i would recommend the password cracking manual v 2 ( it might (cough cough) also be found online… also we do not condone piracy here