Penetration Testing Learning Resources

Getting into web pentesting from scratch. What knowledge (technology) stack is needed for web pentesting? Can you share your story?

I have a plan to do the following, what do you think? Also, how early did you start doing things in practice?
My plan:
Courses :

  1. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch and Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch by Udemy
    Knowledge (technology):
  2. Linux Review and Code Execution (Linux Host Review)
  3. HTTP +HTTP Server and Firewall+Linux Exploitation
  4. SSL/TLS
  5. SQL injection & Local File Include
  6. FTP and Traffic analysis
  7. Nmap and crypto attacks
    8)SSL Pinning and Linux Exploitation
    Practice and tutorial:
  8. Web applications -
    (Веб приложения -
  9. Bandit Wargame analysis of solutions How to quickly get the basic skills of using the Linux console?
    (Как быстро получить базовые навыки использования Linux-консоли? – Telegraph)
  10. SQL Injection Challenge SQL injection challenge by BAY
    (SQL injection challenge by BAY)
  11. Google XSS Vulnerability Game -XSS game
    (SQL injection challenge by BAY)
  12. Penetration test lab
    6)PentesterLab: Our exercises
    (PentesterLab: Our exercises)
  13. Challenges / Web - Server
    (Challenges/Web - Server [Root Me : Hacking and Information Security learning platform] )
  14. Challenges / Web - Client
    (Challenges/Web - Client [Root Me : Hacking and Information Security learning platform]) + CTF analysis. Web Missions with Root-Me, part # 26. (CTF. Web. Задания с Root-Me, часть #26. – Telegraph)
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Hi very interesting I followed all the links some not working at all …