pentesting from scratch

Getting into web pentesting from scratch. What knowledge (technology) stack is needed for web pentesting? Can you share your story?

I have a plan to do the following, what do you think? Also, how early did you start doing things in practice?
My plan:
Courses :

  1. Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch and Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch by Udemy
    Knowledge (technology):
  2. Linux Review and Code Execution (Linux Host Review)
  3. HTTP +HTTP Server and Firewall+Linux Exploitation
  4. SSL/TLS
  5. SQL injection & Local File Include
  6. FTP and Traffic analysis
  7. Nmap and crypto attacks
    8)SSL Pinning and Linux Exploitation
    Practice and tutorial:
  8. Web applications -
  9. Bandit Wargame analysis of solutions How to quickly get the basic skills of using the Linux console?
  10. SQL Injection Challenge SQL injection challenge by BAY
  11. Google XSS Vulnerability Game -XSS game
  12. Penetration test lab
    6)PentesterLab: Our exercises
  13. Challenges / Web - Server
    ( )
  14. Challenges / Web - Client
    ( + CTF analysis. Web Missions with Root-Me, part # 26. (