Pivoting my home network (incorrectly setup by landlord)

Hi, please excuse me if this isn’t the correct topic ask this. Could anyone guide me in this process ?


  • I live in a rented flat, mi WIFI network has a very weak password (anyone can easily guess it) but my landlord won’t allow me to change it. I’m looking to gain access to the router and change the password temporarily. Also another objective will be learn along the way.


  • I’ve performed some initial network scans and found out that several flats are connected to the same router.
  • Each flat has a Wireless Access Point ( Ubiquiti UAPCACPRO) with it’s own SSID (I’m connected to one of those).
  • Performing nmap scans allows me to see my neighbors devices which feels real innescure.
  • BONUS OBJECTIVE: setup firewall rules in mi WAP to protect myself.

What software/ methods would a experienced hacker/pentester use to solve this problem? Please help and thanks in advance.

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