Portable and Quick way to practice Penetration-Testing on Andriod

Hello HackerSploit community,
A In-The-Works and working project I wanted to share that I discovered on a twitch stream showcased someone called “operat0r” on a solution to creating quickly an official and working Andriod environment to do all your penetration testing. The following are his words.

Operat0r: “Want to pentest or run Android apps in minutes ? Sick of BlueStacks or NOX malware/adware ? Not a single binary in this script and it’s open source and downloads are direct from proper sources. There are lots of great powershell tricks (not great code) in this script. I worked hard on thing’s like:

Making it portable as possible
Setting up and downloading extremely fast environment for Android, Java and Python
Converting ssl certs to Android without openssl using certutil.exe only
I would like to make it even easier to use but I don’t want to spend more time developing it if nobody is going to use it! Please let me know if you like it and open bugs/suggestions/feature requests etc!
Github Resource: GitHub - freeload101/Java-Android-Magisk-Burp-Objection-Root-Emulator-Easy: Java Android Magisk Burp Objection Root Emulator Easy (JAMBOREE)

I have made it work myself so, Yes it works, he also has videos on how to set it up including on Github. I feel that the mobile hacking community could appreciate this and help developing this by testing it in anyway shape or form and through github sending feedback. I believe this has a lot of potential.

Side Note: If you download the Powershell script and Unzip it with all the bells and whistles save it with whatever name you want, just don’t leave any spaces in the folder name. It causes the program to just… die so this surely will get patched eventually with some motivation and yeah enjoy. It’s pretty responsive and you can have the option to set it with or without root access. There are still many things to improve and… fix left and right.