Python course recommendation?

Hey mates,

Can anyone suggest me a python course that can teach me crypters programming, i need this to build my career and to protect every single program i created in python, C++ and JS.


Learn python from any free medium such as from youtube channel, books, etc

Then try to explore open source cryptors from gtihub, or from similar platfrom.

Learn from open source projects, explore new python modules, which are used in that particular program, and then you will get the idea

These are few channels which are best according to me, to learn python: Telusko, Code With Mosh, etc

Also you can learn python from:

Ok, I will work towards this.


Well,if I nderstood correctly,you want to learn programming with python your own encryption systems or just have some text and want to use encryptions to not let anyone read them? :thinking:

Yes, I want to learn python programming to setup my own encryption systems for Programs.


Well, it’s not recommended to make your own crypto systems for many reasons, but to make your own system,you need to learn the basics of existing crypto systems first.

So I recommend you this:

and practice in CTF crypto challenges to see codes and their vulnerabilities, so you learn programming and new crypto things.

Also I just have started a course called CryptoMathesis which will teach many crypto systems and will learn people how to program them in python3.

You can check this out: CryptoMathesis - Learn easily Cryptography in depth

(The only disadvantage is that it’s in greek,but I explain things very simply that you can understand them. Also I add english subs)

For now I have explained RSA and this week I will publish how AES is working. :wink:

R4gn4r Thank you so much

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