Python For Ethical Hacking - #11 - Building An Nmap Scanner - Part 1

Hey guys, i started doing this tutorial a couple of days ago:

Now pycharm loads the nmap module, even in another project, I deleted all my project folders, uninstalled nmap and i still get this at the top of every new file:


import nmap

scanner = nmap.PortScanner()

print("Welcome, this is a simple nmap automation tool")

ip_addr = input("Please enter the IP address you want to scan: ")
print("The IP you entered is: ", ip_addr)

Any idea how i get things back to normal?


What do you mean?

the windows loads everytime? so if you do a new project or whatever this always pops up?

Ooops sorry i figured this out, it was actually a Pycharm formatting error, I actally cant describe how i fixed it lol, maybe the IDE is not good for beginner!