Remove the GRUB

I’ve installed Kali in USB drive and the GRUB in my Machine Hard Drive
Now I’ve lost my USB , I can’t boot
The PC enters the GRUB rescue mode bt it dznt wrk

Help me to uninstall the GRUB
W Kali live

Is it a dual boot PC?

No it was installed in a USB drive

Then I don’t understand why you would have put grub on your hard drive.
Should have just installed it on the usb drive.

Need to know what OS is installed on your hard drive before I could help.

Don’t go deleting whats on your hard drive though there’s always a way to fix Grub.

Installed Windows 8.1 on the machine and Kali on the USB drive
The GRUB was installed on the drive whish has Windows 8.1 for booting
Now I lost the flash drive I can’t boot to Windows
I’m only using Kali live

Ok to boot into windows you need a rescue disc or maybe your regular windows disc will do this (never had 8 so I’m not sure) with that you can fix the master boot record and go from there.

On windows 7 you use the rescue disk (which you have to make from within windows) that might be a problem) let it boot the machine then you ask for a command prompt and type Bootrec.exe /fixmbr.

Not sure but it is probablt similar on windows 8 was just using it as an example.
So somehow you need to repair your master boot record so window witll boot again which I think is the simplest thing to do.

Or get a LIVE Linux cd/dvd/usb which ever and figure out how to get grub reinstalled… which it seems to me there has to be a way because you can repair a Linux not booting that way so why not windows.

But yeah there was no need to put grub on your hard drive if you had Kali installed to the flash drive.
Should have put it there because windows will boot without grub but Kali won’t.

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Ooh! Thanks
Will try it out

If these things don’t work then you can try to install new windows from a CD and remove Linux and previous windows. From new windows you can recover old windows backup if you have taken it in case. These things seems easy in Win10.

really stop reccomending that people just wipe their drive and start over it’s not really a good solution.

Grub and or the MBR of windows can a big % of the time be repaired one way or the other.

If you can see that i also told to recover the previous windows after reinstallation. I solve problem in my way and wipe it from the roots. You solve it in your own way.