Rewriting a bash cli program into python

Hey guys

So I am learning to code in python and I have made a pretty simple program sifter that just checks a text list with given ips or hostnames to see which are dead or alive and sorts them into another file. After which it lets you send the results or check certain targets using a few other useful pentesting programs such as nmap, wpscan, nikto and blackwidow.
Its currently written in bash and I was hoping someone might be able to help me transcribe it into python so I can get more of a feel for how libraries and modules work with python.

Thanks in Advance!


Hello, it would be helpful if you could share the link to your repository so that we can analyze the code.

Thanks! sorry for the {VERY} late reply. But i have scrapped the program’s python version and just kept it as a shell script to execute various tools. Though i wouldn’t mind feedback and suggestions for it.