Run exe after declining administrative permission

Hi. Can anyone please tell me if there is any way to execute an .exe in windows after declining administrative permission promt without administrative permission?

Look into shell scripting/shellcode and you will find your answer.

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Actually I found a solution of this problem. As far I remember I posted this problem while I was trying to make a program in c++. To do what I have asked earlier I made a program with the commands which requires administrative permission in windows and named it setup.exe/install.exe. I made another program which can be run without administrative permission. In the second program I used a simple if condition to call the setup.exe/install.exe file which will prompt for administrative permission and if permission was not granted it moves to the else portion to continue with the commands that does not requires administrative permission. The code was very simple
`if (system("setup.exe)){
-----some code-----
--------some code-----------