Secure use of Tor and Sphere browser

Is it advisable to download things online through tor or sphere browser? Can it compromise your privacy?

It depends.
If you download via P2P like torrents, then TOR or any alternative, does not protect you at all.
But if you download from mediafireor mega for example,then it’s safer.

Thanks for the answer. It is really helpful. Please what about visiting email accounts such as Gmail or yahoo mail using TOR or Sphere browser. Can it compromise your privacy. I

There are Tor-mail services that are made to protect your privacy. But let’s say your gmail is [email protected]

If you log in this gmail via tor, you are just busted. Who else can have access in this gmail?

Generally to keep your privacy via TOR, just do not use something that you use without it.

But keep in mind that TOR or sphere, are not enough to keep your privacy. If you try to buy any guns or other illegal material, then secret agencies will find you. It’s really hard to keep you identity on the internet.

Thanks so much @R4gn4r. It is very helpful

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