Shopping on darkweb markets

What does it take to start shopping on Dark web anonymously? What are the things user need to take care before proceeding?

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Anonymous shopping on darkweb was a bit different in the previous years…

Bitcoin has changed, the anonymity as anonymity has changed.

If you are looking to buy something legal from ark web,then it’s ok,but if you try to buy something illegal,then most likely you will get caught…


Fast answers:
First, Bitcoin is not as anonymous as it was anymore…

Second, the game between agencies and anonymity technology is in crysis (at my opinion always).
What I mean with that?
Anonymity is a realy beautiful internet dream.
Apparently internet is not made for anonymity and you can see it from the desperation of the onion sites switching from one system to another (from TOR to I2P,FreeNet etc.)

So now I think I made you understand that it’s not good idea to buy illegal things even with bitcoin and TOR or any of it’s alternatives.

Still, if you want to buy something,then you should be carefull what information you give.
If you use an anonymous cryptocurrency and buy something from a store,then you have to give some information first.
Sometimes your home address.You understand that your anonymity has been ruined from that point…
So you have to be very careful to not give information that you would give if you were buying something from normal internet.
Avoid giving information that can be connected with you. Address,Email,city etc.
Also if you use the same wallet,they can see what are your activities and with marketing tricks find that you are buying those things.
For example if I am buing milk from KFC every 5 days, and stop going by myself and make a friend go for me and buying it,then they may understand that this is my agent.
I think you understand what I am saying…


Thanks. I understood clearly. You explained in nice manner but i didn’t got anything about

What do you mean by it? Wasn’t it made for anonymity of users?

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If you would ask me some years ago, my answer would be positive, but now for security and usability reasons is negative.
It’s something like the example I mentioned with KFC.
Let me clear it.

Let’s say that you are an FBI agent and want to spy me.
The first identity you have from me is the wallet ID.
Every shopping I have done is with this wallet.
So, if I often buy things with this wallet, first you can see my shoppings and most likely my location (city most likely) because everything I do with my wallet is logged and can be accessed to you.

Even Amazon now accepts bitcoin,so imagine what would happen if I buy something from Amazon with the same wallet…

You may tell me, well you can have multiple wallets.
Well… It’s not very good idea either. Because if I do transactions between these wallets, first you can see that it’s from the same person, second, you may find my real IP through an anonymity system from bugs etc.

Check this if you want more details:


So that tells us that neither buying nor selling is recommended from Darkweb. If BTC have privacy issues then there would be an alternative to it right?

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Bitcoin is Pseudonymous,so you should search for anonymous cryptos like Monero (I cannot guarantee it’s anonymity either), but it has some systems like ringct that gives an extra security layer on transactions.
There are also other cryptocurs that claim that they have anonymity but it’s like nologging VPNs, you do not know what is true and what is not. You have to search the systems they use for anonymity, if they have security holes etc.

So yeah,just do not do nothing stupid in dark web. I assure you that if you have visited sites in dark web, security agencies know it and just they do not do any move if you do not buy drugs or guns for example.
But if you do something stupid,then just wait them out of your house.

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Firstly I only recommend u to buy only software like RAT, exploits, silent exploit etc, in case u are interested in.

As in order to buy them, u didn’t have to give your address for delivery

Bitcoin is good for transaction and specially if you are surfing dark net, it is best according to me

As Bitcoin account required only email address to setup wallet, using disposal email and putting some amount and then paying it from newly created wallet, could be one approach to be safe

Side by side if you are using tor, good VPN

Your percentage of not getting caught get increased a lot

As u know nothing is full proof, and u can’t become 100% anonymous

But by practicing this approach of buying stuff will ensure that u will not become a victim of site

As the site u are visiting might be setup by FBI kind of agencies (a kind of honeypot)

Also don’t forget to configure your tor properly before visiting any site like disabling cookies, autostart of JavaScript, not to increase your window size, etc

And secondly, u might not the one who will buy guns or drugs, or hiring hitman. If my guess is right

Then there is no need to worry about FBI ,etc

And if my guess in wrong, then I strongly suggest u not to use darknet.

Oh i was planning to sell few hacked databases as i have few of them with me and was just wondering what can be done with it in order to get rid off them and get myself paid handsome amount too. @MrRobot @R4gn4r

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Well, if those data were from very small sites, then I do not believe that anyone would buy them…
In dark web they are selling files with millions users data from big organizations like myheritage etc.
The best you can do is to inform the sites you steal the data, that they have a bug that you may access their data (without notify them that you have it ofcourse and tell them that if they pay you, you will report the bugs.

If not, then DDOS them until their server split out😂

Those lovely databases are from government organizations websites and MongoDB servers containing sensitive user information. There’s lot of demand for such leaked database in Darkweb hacker community. PIIL are put up on sale for high value of $$. Those government organisations don’t have Bug Bounty program as they don’t take their citizens online security seriously neither of those companies and websites have bug bounty program to safeguard their users against all sort of hacks. You see i don’t have options to explore.

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Well, I don’t have ansser to that😅.
Do what you want but think very carefully if you want to follow this path because most of the times there is no reset button👍

You got option for me to explore? I wish they would have been on H1 or Bugcrowd to tackle such situations responsibly.

Apparently no.
I know only the basics like H1, bugcrowd, safe hats, intigriti and synack

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I was also thinking to sell data on darknet

The data is of a eCommerce site which is selling so called hacking course,

they use to upload pirated version of Udemy courses on there site and just put there silly logo on the videos

All this I am able to find when I hacked there two website, one is e-commerce site and other is site which gives access to courses which are saved online.

Data of people who buyed there course, data of 10 thousands people

Database contains email, two mobile number, full delivery address for book delivery, name, etc

Rootsec, if you accomplish in selling your data.

Then also favour me by selling my data too

U can take x% of money after selling it .

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I am glad that you hacked such a good thing :wink: sorry but i won’t be able to sell your hacked data. You can do that too by yourself then why asking to me? I hope you know where to approach for such things. I am talking specifically here :smiley:

Just little bit afraid of selling data on darknet

that is why i never tried to sell it online before

it’s my first time dude. I will share my experience here in this thread (if it will be active till then).