Should I do more?

Should I post more stuff like Very Important Tool?

I seem to get a lot of views when i do and no replies at all.

Just wondering if anyone actually liked it or learned anything from what I have posted and should I continue the little tips and reviews of stuff I sometimes post or do you all think I am some idiot asshole that posts boring shit and don’t care? LOL

There is a lot more that I could think(especially with Nmap I have been learning a lot of tricks with it recently) of but not going to do it if all people are going to do is read it and not get involved in discussing the subject.

I see what the answer is already with the views and no replies.

I guess most are here to just leach information and not to have any sort of discussion about anything or actually learn.

Yeah most do come on to just see what is new, what works… what don’t. A lot of people probably want to stay anonymous and talk when they have useful information to add to a topics. Just keep posting and people will reply when they see fit. As well when you research topics on google do you leave a comment on each post? " thanks now I know how to do … Example (make kale chips)…lol People are looking at your post and are probably learning something don’t get discouraged most hackers are introverted people and not really the social type.

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I couldn’t agree with Mouse more. When I get consumed in research on a subject, I typically do not leave comments. If your getting views then people are making use of your posts/threads. Don’t get down on yourself . Be your own critic. Pat yourself on the back.

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I see the point you are both trying to make.

A little reply saying thank you or yes or no isn’t so hard to do though.

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Yes i would love to see new things on my way. I hope you share it soon.

I have another example of using the proper technique with Nmap with a cable modem and a friend that thought the firewall in it was secure and wouldn’t tell me anything.

If even has an “ignore fragmented packets” option that does pretty much nothing LoL.

I just need to write it up and make it nice to read.
Maybe later tonight I will get that out.

Yes, please post more ‘Very important tools’. That will be grand!