Sitemap.xml documentation

What is the use of sitemap.xml in a website? Can it be used for information gathering or for something else?

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@D4rkhunt3r There are usually many pages on a website you do not want Black hat hackers to know about . Yes it is a good practice to remove sitemap.xml from your website .

I think that this is not the correct and to the point answer to my question. Thank you for showing interest. Can you explain this more briefly or in other words to the point answer? What are its functiona and what do they tell us?

as far as I know an XML sitemap lists a website’s relevant/important pages so that google can crawl them for indexation. It also helps when you want your audience to get quick access to your latest posts on the site.
More info here :

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@S0B0 can it be used for hacking purposes or for finding a directory ?

I don’t think so. The sitemap.xml file contains the things you see on that site like “home” “contact” “about” etc. Nothing hidden as far as I know. (I could be wrong)

Many WebApp analyst tools use it for basis of crawling a site. One off the top of my head OWASP-ZAP tool uses it.

@MoNsTeR yes Burp scanner also seems to be using it.