Skiptracer - OSINT Scraping Framework

Skiptracer - OSINT Scraping Framework

  • What is Skiptracer?
    Skiptracer is an OSINT tool used for collecting info on a targets Email, Name, Phone, ScreenName, Plate, or Domain. The great thing is that it is passive and totally free.

  • Installation
    Installing Skiptracer is a breeze. Open terminal and follow these commands.

git clone skiptracer
cd skiptracer
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Running Skiptracer
    Skiptracer is also simple to run. Just head back over to terminal and enter this command.
  • Usage
    Using Skiptracer is simple too. After running the command to start Skiptracer you are presented with the frameworks interface. Just select the number next to the module you wish to use and follow the prompts.

  • Credit Due
    Credit goes to ILLWILL & the ILLMOB. You can drop by and say hi to Will in IRC here


Awesome. This will be a handy tool, Thank you for sharing it Monster.

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@MoUsE You are welcome. Will did an demonstration of Skiptracer at Def-Con. It is somewhere on YouTube if you are interested.


Thank you for the heads up I will be looking for it. :slight_smile:

It is like Userecon?

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@Rootsec module #4 in this framework has the username option like userecon. This tool has many other features as well.

I can’t seem to get the Report option to work and didn’t find any issues

Hi… Ive noticed something odd. Using Kali linux of course. (2018.2) and also (2019.2) and now using 2020 version of Kali linux.

However. Weather apt-get update, or upgrading. it seems nothing works and falls back to the same old command out put of :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 4, in
from plugins.menus import menus
ImportError: No module named plugins.menus

Lastly, I used Kali Linux for a year, never had any issues. Worked like a charm, now its not. I do have python 2 installed version Python 2.7.18 which of course with python 3 version Python 3.8.5.

Anyone have anyidea around all this? or do we must wait it out. I would have to go back to the to the External Harddrive and upload the (2018) file from Github rather than downloading it from :

I feel that someone pulled the script, which of course and been re (edited) and re posted back up for download rather than the script no longer working correctly as you then download it these days and expect it to work.

Curious, Government call knocking on this particular software? Tried over 5 other Linux Distros and nothing seems to work correctly even tho it has PyQt4 Somethings up.

Have you tried to reach out to the creator of this script? I bet if you show up in his IRC he would be more than happy to answer any question you have. Tell him Monster said hi.

No need.

Here’s what everyone needs to do. Ima bout to create a memo on how to even get started. I got the original folder file and it works but has issues. However, you ll need to be on 5.2 Kali than anything else. It seems like setup tools isn’t allowed on 5.8 plus don’t forget. Install cURL and etc manually as well. If anyone likes the 50mb file let me know. Its been removed from Github. You are going to need to head over to Py and install them. Use pip. Install the requirements. If still have problems Tar the mf. configure it, install and reboot. It should work. if not keep at the requirements.