Spoofing caller id

How does caller id spoof work? What are it’s limitations?

SpoofCard and other services like it work like a calling card, if you’ve ever used one of those. You dial a number provided to you by the service and then enter an access code or PIN number, plus the recipient’s number and your fake caller ID. Also like phone calling cards, you buy credits, starting at $4.95 for 25 credits (1 minute per credit).

Caller ID doesn’t work as well with cell phones, and there’s no guarantee the caller isn’t spoofing the information. How wired caller ID works When you make a call on a landline, two separate signals are sent to the recipient through the wires.

I Don’t know if this is any help to you or if you were looking for diff information but Its what I could find doing a quick search.

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I got what you said. Maybe i should also give a try to metasploit.

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Sounds hardly anonymous in the end after all the buy this dial this (from your phone of course) stuff.

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Oh of course. I mean you could always use crypto but mah… does sound like a bunch of work just for a laugh… what ever happen to just blocking your number. It be a cute idea for pretending your Santa calling from the north pole tho :rofl: Or pranks but draw the line at hey this is… “Blank” from “Blank” Give me your card numbers… :confused: .

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Haha santa

That’s the only reason I have ever looked into doing it.

I just want to prank my friends now and then for a laugh.

Everything I read about it either involves money or giving up personal info that I don’t fell comfortable with just for fun or a big complicated process that just isn’t worth it.

As far as blocking your number.
Because of all the scams and telemarketers a lot of people (including myself) have private numbers blocked.