Spy note security

Can anyone tell me that is spynote safe or not, I mean the data you are monitoring is also monitored by company or only you have access to it…

Paid version or cracked? I would stick with open source tools.

cracked… I’m talking about cracked one…

Hi, HackerSploit has gone to great lengths doing some 16 video course for free regarding malware analysis. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKObRxxbOCQ&list=PLBf0hzazHTGMSlOI2HZGc08ePwut6A2Io Watch these and after setting up your lab examine your file in question. If you have questions on the course feel free to ask.

Alright dude i would watch it later! but can you please tell me how could we make an payload like spynote apk… i mean the payloads which we make from kali tools(msfvenom, msfconsole, armtges) and all methods you describe in hackersploit viodes are not stable even if we bind it with other apps or use the script to make it persistent, its not work like spynote’s apk… so is there any way or tutorial or method that we can use to make a payload like spynote??? hope you would got my point!

Create your own malicious apk file then. It is more successful case than any other. It would be more stable and secure depending upon your developing skills.

Alright thanks D4rkhunt3r