Talking a bit about dorks "cracking in general"

So basically i am a big fan of SQL injection and i used to sell dorks to profit

Now you might ask me,what is the relation between dorks and SQL injection:Now every cracker wants to get accounts like Netflix or Spotify or Fortnite to sell them,and how can one get these accounts? By getting a BIG list of emails:passwords and check them,And how one can get these BIG list of emails and passwords? This is where SQL injection comes to help.You can perform this type of attacks on vulnerable websites and extract these information
Before i explain how we use dorks we should explain WHAT is a dork
Search engines are your best teammate in cracking “Google is the biggest resource of vulnerable websites”
Dorks are a line of commands that you use to find exactly what you are looking for
So to explain this quickly

  1. You make dorks
  2. You use them to find websites with good databases
  3. You check if this these websites are vulnerable to SQL injection
  4. You perform SQL injection and you extract the information “note that this is extremely illegal”
  5. You check the list if there are any working accounts on that list

And here is “Cracking 101”
I didnt mention a LOT of stuff so script kiddies do not mess up with this

If needed i might explain more stuff with more details

@MoNsTeR tell me if this is a bit blackhat to delete some stuff
@Rootsec cool right :upside_down_face:

ummm… cool to some extent. As you said that you didn’t mentioned few things due to the availability of skiddies in this forum. So, there’s not a full knowledge on this issue. But you tried it well.

i couldn’t mention some stuff like the tools we use to perform these types of attacks “anyways i am sure you already know plenty of them” or the different types of dorks because it will take me a lot of time explaining them

But i will try to cover everything do not worry

ok i will not worry about it :smile_cat:

Hii Anonym
You certenly awake my sprit cuz am also a big fan of cracking
I generally storm or black bullet to crack these types of stuff
Sometime slayer leacher also but it totally depends on how your
Dork and combo list u made then u able to crack prenium accounts am i right bro

YES we found a cracker here

It has been a time since i used black bullet generally i use sentry MBA