Terrible week need to vent :P

Had a real shitty week in a way and need somewhere to vent Haha.

Firstly this isn’t about anyone here I have never been treated wrongly here in fact it has been just the oposite.

I suddenly care more about learning networking instead of pentesting and i think that is what I really wnated to do before and didn’t realize it.
I tend to go to the extreme and get very passionate about something that I like.


Seems lately people want to dismiss all my ideas because ya know they “know more about the subject so they are superior and I’m and idiot”.

So frustrating and it’s not like I come up with psychotic shit that won’t work or is unrealistic.

What happened to noticing that someone isn’t grasping something that well and helping them learn instead of just acting like their stupid because they know more than you do?

Not to mention a few people in real life that act like I have gone crazy because I talk about IT stuff so much.

Anyway just frustrated and wanted to get that out of my system.

If you read this thank you for listening.

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Just wanted to tell you that I can relate and you are not the only person and if you would like some help with anything I don’t mind the questions even if i don’t know the answer i will do my best to look it up and help out .