Testing website login pages

Yes I’m trying to learn ways that an attacker may “break-in” to a website. I’m planning to host my own web page for a small business in the future once I’ve educated myself well enough to handle the security side as well. I would like to know techniques and tools used to find credentials, backdoors or any other ways into the site so that I could perform them on my server and be as safe as possible from attacks. Any advice or assistance would be appreciated. This is my first post so if my format or placement of this post is wrong I apologize in advance and will correct as need be. Thank you for your time.

Hello! I am glad that you are trying to address these problems as they are a big issue today. A website backdoor is a hidden entry point that offers unrestricted, unauthorized access to your website to anybody who has knowledge of it which can negatively impact the website. Here are some ways to prevent backdoor vulnerability’s. For starters you should look at the plugin and theme files, and put a firewall to use. Make sure to always avoid nulled themes and plugins. I hope you found this useful and that you can use the information given to protect your website form backdoor vulnerability’s.