The zoo repository

Greetings hacker
This is a malware Analysis post about the zoo repository

The question is what is the zoo repository?
Actually the zoo repository is the huge collection of virus mallware rats and ransomeware for
malware analysis its for security resarchers and for those who has intrest in malware.

Its source code is available on github so any one intrested go ahead to analyse this wonderfull repository

Note :- This repo contains real viruses and malware so do not act like a skids use virtual box or vmware to test and if u dont know what is this repo correctly imeadiately leave do some resarch and try again later cuz if by mistake any virus run on your system the whole data and system corrupt .

And this post is only for malware analysis educational purpose so am not responsible for any damage.

Thanks …3xpect us.

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With all the script kiddies that show up here I don’t think this was such a good idea to post.
But then again let them explain to dad and mom why the family computer went to shit or why the cops want to speak to them. Haha

Anyway thanks for the post I didn’t know this existed and will make for some good reading.

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Thank you for posting this, the files are zipped according to malware protection standards, this should halt the inexperienced.