[UPDATE] - New Direction For The Forum

Hello everyone, Alexis (HackerSploit) here.

Just wanted to make a post thanking everyone for contributing to the forum. Your submissions are greatly appreciated and have been very helpful to the community.

Over the last couple of months, I have been relatively inactive on the forum due to my hectic work schedule and a split between managing the Discord server and the Forum.

From my analysis, Discord has never been a viable medium of communication/engagement with the larger HackerSploit community. Furthermore, one of my long-term goals was and is to foster a community of like-minded individuals looking to contribute educational content and resources or simply to provide a medium for beginners in the field of Cybersecurity to ask questions and learn from others.

The forum is something I am proud of, not because of my own posts, but rather because of all the great submissions you (the community) have provided.

As a result, I will be giving all my attention solely to the HackerSploit Forum and will be deactivating the Discord server indefinitely.

This is a direct result of the complexity of managing a Discord server, specifically, the moderation of posts made by users who do not have good intentions as well as the constant barrage of Bot attacks and spam we receive on a daily basis.

Furthermore, I have never found Discord to be a conducive medium for the communication of important and nuanced information regarding Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a field that deserves a certain level of respect due to the role it plays in our everyday life.

To cut things short, I like forums, always have, and always will. They have helped me tremendously in my career and have met some extremely talented individuals on forums who have now become my professional peers and or friends.

A forum also provides us with a way of maintaining great educational content indefinitely. Whereas Discord does not, nuggets of wisdom or knowledge are forever lost to history(or at least hard to find) on a platform designed for instant messaging.

As a consequence of my analysis and decisions outlined above, I have come up with an action plan for the forum that will be implemented immediately after publishing this post:

  1. I will be cleaning up and archiving all posts/threads I deem as non-educative (duplicates, spam, and promotional material).
  2. I am looking for a group of experienced individuals to moderate the posts on the forum to ensure we maintain a high level of quality. (You are free to contact me privately of you are interested)
  3. I will be making regular posts on the forum and will be contributing on a daily basis.
  4. I will share every useful post on the HackerSploit socials with credits to the original poster - this will be a great way to promote your content/posts.
  5. The forum will be the core of the HackerSploit project and will be used as a think tank to foster new ideas and projects.

With that being said, you may see some cosmetic changes to the forum as well as a change in the overall functionality.

I would like to thank everyone again for all the work you have put into the forum and look forward to engaging with you all.



Thank you for trying to spark new life in the forum! I look forward to seeing what will happen!