Usb extern harddisk connection

Hi everybody

There is any topic or video how to connect usb extern harddrive in kali linux virtual box 6.0?
I chose settings usb 2.0 and create a new filter with the extern harddrive. But its always failed and in kali linux i can read… error code E_FAIL (0x80004005)
All other things are running and accepted just not the harddrive.

Or how i can transfere files from kali linux on my normal desktop or harddrive?

Thx for help and advice

check this:

Excuse me pls my fault.
Kali linux is running in virtual box 6.0 not vmware. :grimacing:

Its working to drop files in kali linux. Not out.

But i found out the problem…need to change USB settings from 2.0 to 3.0.
Even i dont understand why bc in windows its running with 2.0. After need to go in kali linux to places and go to the usb flashdrive. So its working and you can copy/paste files.

But thx for the help!