USB payload autorun

Hello, lately I have been trying to make my USB autorun my meterpreter/reverse_tcp as a payload when plugged into my windows 10 machine but with not much success. Is this still possible or it has been reworked and patched? I know that before this could have been done with the autorun.conf file on the USB but this has been disabled. Any help or shared information on the subject will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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@weitz11 I made evil usb’s with atiny85 usb chip for 3 dollars. Here is a link to get you in the right direction.


Thank you for the answer, I will research it. If we assume I plug it in the victims machine or he does it alone, will he get a pop up message or a cmd notifying him that something is happening or it all happens in the backend processes?

Depends on the payloads you choose to use. Its basically a virtual keyboard. Any ones you can see are done within seconds anyways.

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The title resonates inside me.