Use NGROK to host a phishing attack

Note am sharing this post is only for educational purpose so dont act like skids and start manuplating inocent people you r responsible for your own action.

Step 1 first of all what is ngrok ? Well ngrok is a turnelling hoster which provide ip adresss and port to use over( wan wide area network) u can also host payload and reverse shell on wan
Using ngrok without exposing your original ip.

Step2 here is the link to download ngrok

Step3 after downloading and setting ngrok you have two options first to host payload you have to type ./ngrok tcp what ever the port you have given at the starting of ngrok
And to host apache websever on wan or to host a phishing page
You have to type ./ngrok http 80 this will open link of ngrok
Step 4
Their is a google phishing page script which is available on github you just nead to clone the repo from github
By the command git clone and the repo link

Step 5 after cloning the repo their are four files in the
Repo accounts gmail.php index.php logins.txt redirect.php
You just have to move all these files into apache web server
On /var/www/html/
Step 6
After moving all the files in the apache web server folder
You just need to start ngrok so go to terminal and type ./ngrok http 80 this will give you two link one is http and another is https send this link to your victim and when the target fill his credentials all the credentials store in logins.txt

I hope this will help you all to understand how to host phishing page on wan using ngrok if their is any mistake on the post or comand notify me cuz we learn from our mistake

And this is only for educational purpose so be safe and educate every one on internet .

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So besides their password getting stored on your server what happens when they login?
Does it then redirect them to the actual website or is this more of a “you need to change your login” attack?

BuGz yes bro you just need to change redirect.php to your desire
Site link example any other ligitimate google website or any
Other website like p0#n hub​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: its totaly depend on you how u change the redirect.php


Someone I live with thinks I can’t find out things without backdooring their computer Hahah this might help.

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After filling in the credentials they dont store in logins.txt. How to fox this?

If “they” don’t store then you copy and paste separately in text editor :laughing:

sure, what’s the real solution to the problem?

because everything works fine except the main purpose of phishing pages :slightly_frowning_face:

The tool you are using would be broken or some of it’s contents. You can switch over to other tools in the market. Btw which tool are you using?

I only used this: And put it in my apachefolder.
I’ve used kali linux on a raspberry pi 3b+