V3n0M-Scanner For SQLI + XSS

  • V3n0M-Scanner is a Python 3.6 based program that uses a list of 14,000+ dorks. It collects the results and tests them for SQLI, XSS, LFI, RCE. It has an AdminFinder and Cloudflare Resolver built in as well.

  • Install Instructions
    apt-get install python3-dev
    apt-get install python-dev
    git clone https://github.com/v3n0m-Scanner/V3n0M-Scanner.git
    cd V3n0M-Scanner/

  • Note that if you want to run this program as root edit v3n0m.py file with your favorite text editor. I used nano. Do a search for “euid == 0” without quotations and replace with euid == 1 There should be 3 locations to change in this file. Then save and close the file.

    python3 setup.py install --user
    cd src
    python3 v3n0m.py

Coded by NovaCygni, kattstof, unload
Inside the program is an area to donate if you wish.


Thanks for sharing this tools mate

By the way, how to run this tools? I’ve already install it xD

I still remember using this tool to collect websites in order to perform SQL injections on them

But there are better tools then this one because

1-You only collect URLs from bing (Google index better websites)
2-If you system crashes all of the sudden all the progess will be lost
3-Crashes from time to time (Its a nightmare)

But i have to admit that this tool has great potential and using it helped me a lot

Thanks for the coders

@vizt3r navagate to the directory that you installed and run this command python3 v3n0m.py

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If you are signed in as root and have ran into any problems due to missing modules. I solved this problem by running the following commands,

  • apt-get install python-dev
  • apt-get install python3.6-dev
  • apt-get install python3-bs4
  • pip3 install aio_http
  • pip3 install PySocks
  • pip3 install tqdm
  • pip3 install aio_ping

if pip3 install aio_http not working try

  • sudo pip3 install aiohttp==3.0.0
  • sudo pip3 install --upgrade aiohttp
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