Virtual machines won’t open on the virtual box

Hey guys, I have my virtual machines and I would like to run them in the virtual box but I can’t. I keep getting errors (Failed session for Virtual machine) even after enabling virtualization in the BIOS and disabling Hyper-V in the control Panel. What can I do?

In witch operating system are you hosting it?

Are you installing the system with an iso or it comes prepackaged?

Which is the OS you want to virtualice?

PS: I had similar troubles when hosting it in my kali device

I am trying to instal it in windows 10, It came prepackaged am not using an iso image, there are 3 machines I want to virtualize I.e Ubuntu, Windows 10 and Android platform.

Hello again

I’ve found some URLs for that problem I don’t know if it is your case. I’ve personally install thous OS with no errors (In windows 10) so I don’t know if it is your case

Tell me if this hasn't solve it and if it doesn't want to do, we will see what to do then

Hey, I appreciate your effort, unfortunately I am still getting the same error message.

Hello, pythone

could you please document more the prompting error, with the error output, VirtualBox version, etc. some pictures would be perfect. I hope with this we could make it work.

Anyway I have found some similar error promptings in this URLs. Test them and let us know how it went.

This one is if it was working before the error:


PS: Try looking the configuration you have given to the virtual machine to check if it’s alright (It has happened to me that I had thous bad and it wasn’t working due to that), the architecture the ram given, the memory, etc. It could be too the new version try installing an older one.

I presume it’s caused by insufficient RAM, I have a 4GB RAM and I intend to run 3 virtual machines that are quite heavy. I think upgrading the RAM would solve this issue. Otherwise I appreciate everyone’s advice towards this challenge. Cheers!