VirusTotal Alternatives?

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I want to ask if anyone knows a VirusTotal alternative that does not collect the files you upload in their labs (like Nodistribute) and be completely free?

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Hello, i wouldn’t recommend any online scanners as they typically save the signatures.


Alexis is correct. If you must. Use this site they give 3 free scans then want you to buy a paid account just use a proxy or an vpn and continue using free. If you want a great vpn nordvpn here is a link I recommend using this with Tor for sketchy work. Hope this helps.

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Well, virus total saves the signature for the file and share it with antivirus companies. Whereas nodistribute only scan the file and didnt share the results… It is based on my knowledge…

Every free online file scanning service stores files signatures so that in future if someone else scans the same file it wouldn’t have to re scan the same file and will present it in front of you. Here the condition is that the file should be exactly the same. Very similar to cache processes in modern devices and applications.

Hi Guy’s i have a small dought can we build ower own virus scaning wesbite with no distribution with the antivirus software companies