Webhosting Advice

Anyone know of a good free web hosting service?

Not looking for anything special or with a lot of storage since I have other options for that.
Just a basic web page is all I need and would rather not use a host that plasters my site with ads and tracks my visitors.

Only requirement is that it is up 24/7 and isn’t hosted on someones home internet.

Researching this myself but was wondering if anyone had any experience of their own that might help.

Hello, free hosting solutions exist, but at a price. You will get subdomains or limited bandwidth. I personally recommend: https://www.000webhost.com/
They are quick and simple, i always use them when i quckly want to deploy a web app that uses the LAMP stack, if you want to host a web app that uses a different stack, then try using a VPS on AWS (free tier).

My personal advice if host your website from freenom website http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en. This website will provide free webhosting upto 1 year. After you need to buy free space
1.5 GB from here for your website https://www.freewebhostingarea.com/.

  1. Its totally free of cost
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. 24/7 up
  4. Free storage 1.5 GB

The only thing is it will advertise in your webpage (its just small size ) @NuBz

Thank you very much for the replies I will look into those.

I don’t need anything special it is just for something I wanted to test but I had trouble finding one that wasn’t plastered with ads or said it was free only to find out it wasn’t.

If it was anything permanent or special I would just find a good paid host.

So I checked out https://www.000webhost.com/ and had trouble signing up.
It kept telling me “captcha was not solved correctly” yet there wasn’t one for me to solve
So I posted a question in their forums and got told to use another browser and my question gets marked solved with no futher input from me on if it worked or not.

Anyway I won’t be bother with them.
As if it is 2002 again and most websites only work with ie.

I use firefox and I am not about to turn off all my privacy and security settings just for them to make it work and it sounds like that is the problem to me.

But marking my problem solved without even waiting for a response from me of whether it wokred or not kind of pissed me off.