What Do You Listen To?

For me music plays a big part in my hacking experience and here in our community we are very lucky to have a huge diversity from all over the world, which is awesome. Post links to your favorite songs on YouTube. If it isn’t on YouTube just put the band and song title. If you want to you can tell us a little about your choices.

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oh man, I am a huuuuuuge music lover. It’s really hard to pick a song, so here is my huge playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj-qjrBKUQIwLHpC7Bprl0trQc3eMEkfE.
My intention was to create a playlist with a “rainy day/mountain vibe” but over time I added a ton of songs that don’t fit into the category.I also have multiple hacking-only playlists on spotify.("./Hacking" “Hacking and Software Development” “Hacker’s coffee” etc)
Anyway, enjoy <3


@S0B0 & @MoUsE Thanks for sharing, you both. I will be listening to your songs.

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