What is best way to deploy Sharphound-Bloodhound in multiple forest environments using one-way trusts?

Very new to bloodhound/sharphound and have this deployment question: what is the best way to deploy bloodhound and sharphound to maximize info collection and also minimize deployment complexity in multiple forest/multiple domain AD environments built using one-way trusts between the forests. There are 9 forests involved configured in an “environment”/“security enclave” design construct where the environments have a protection scheme relationship of most trusted, next trusted, least trusted and then within each of these 3 “environments” the “security enclaves” (which are also forests) have a similar construct of most trusted to next trusted to least trusted.

So e.g. if Sharphound were deployed in the most trusted environment forest and that environment’s most trusted enclave, is there a way for that Sharphound to see everything across all the 9 forests?