What kind of content would you guys like too see posted?

Let me know some content you would like to see it can be OSINT, Anonymity, Web App Pentesting, Programming, Tools in kali linux, Setting up something. I have been in the cyber security scene quite awhile now (almost 9 years). Originally started out in the blackhat community but have moved too building a carreer as a white hat and more on the ethical side of things. I also plan on making a youtube channel soon aswell as a blog. So stay tuned for content

I guess all of these are good topics

For a YouTube channel it is going to be a good resource to learn pen-testing but TouTube TOS do not agree with doing live hacks unless you don’t care about your channel getting down

I guess the important thing is who you are comfortable sharing your knowledge with. How much you are comfortable sharing.
How elitist you want your membership, viewers and knowledge seekers to be, or not of course.
Noobs are always gonna ask.
Teach me to hack and ask what seem like annoying frustrations to the long term securitist.
Whatever you do.
Remember you were there once. But back then the holy grails of knowledge were much harder to find.
I guess always push for a holesome place to learn.
Maybe charge for it.
If someone wants to learn, they will pay for the benefit of good knowledge.
Kiddies these days want everything fast and easy, and you know the journey is not.
Good luck.
Would love to see what you build.

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Yeah, Everything will be done in my own enviroment so should be no legality issues

Yep, I agree with that & thank you :slight_smile: