Where does Zenmap store results?

Hello: I am new to the forum and a noob to pentesting but a strong will to learn. I know that I should be using nmap natively but as a noob I have started with zenmap in kali. What I want to know is how is where zenmap stores the recent targets that drop down in the targets box so that I can delete them. I have searched for hours on the internet and can’t find the answer. I looked in the zenmap target_list.text and it is empty. Any help would be appreciated.

Output Files

Whenever a scan is run, Zenmap instructs Nmap to put XML output in a temporary file so that Zenmap can parse it. Normally the XML output file is deleted when the scan is finished. However, if the command line in Zenmap contains an -oX or -oA option, XML output is written to the named file instead, and that file isn’t deleted when the scan completes. In other words, -oX and -oA work the way you would expect. -oG , -oN , and -oS work too, even though Zenmap doesn’t use the output files produced by those options.