Where to begin?

so i’m new in cryptocurrency thing so i’m asking where to start and how to investgate in it and make money and trades and those things

You need first to tell me what cryptocurrency you want to invest in

i really want to invest in bitcoin

Let me be clear.Investing in bitcoin is gambling,Because you can not expect when the prices will go up or down.Today the price of 1 Bitcoin is 11K.Tomorrow it might be 5K and you lose everything,so i do not recommend anyone investing on Bitcoin.You can start mining it but it will take so much effort and cash to setup your mining rig.If it is only 200 dollars why not,But investing 1k or more is pretty dangerous

So to wrap this up i do not recommend anybody to invest in Bitcoin as It is a bubble waiting to explode

@Anonym so where to invest

As for as I know if you want to invest then you can go for Mutual Funds because, there you don’t have to care about your money. Only, you have to choose from various plan for limited period of time. And further everything is performed by the expert of the company who will invest your money in share market. They knows better than us because they knows when market will go up and down. In this way they use your money and at the end of the period you will be given with the money according to the plan. As for as, investing in Bitcoin can be a risk because it can’t be traced and even know one knows when it’s value increase or decrease.

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Mutual funds :thinking::thinking: any other option

Yes. Mutual Funds are the best option to for investing money. Buying companies stocks can also be taken in consideration.